ECMI Newsletter 56
Published on October 2014
Guest Editor


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Letter from the President
Download View Letter from the President Stephen O'Brien
Activities and Initiatives
Download View ECMI 2014 Giuseppe Nicosia
Vittoro Romano
Giovanni Russo
Download View Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering Andreas Bartel
Carsten Cimala
Markus Clemens
Michael Günther
Jan ter Maten
Download View KoMSO – The German Network for Mathematics and Industry Anja Milde
Download View math-in | A Structure to Upgrade the Mathematical Technology Transfer to Industry Guadalupe Parente
Peregrina Quintela
Download View Sportello Matematico per l’Industria Italiana: Fostering Connections between Industry and Mathematics Maurizio Ceseri
Roberto Natalini
Antonino Sgalambro
Download View ECMI Modelling Week 2014: Remake of a Success Story Mirko Hessel-von Molo
Download View The 104th European Study Group with Industry Stefka Dimova
Download View ECMI SIG on Computational Finance Matthias Ehrhardt
Michael Günther
Jan ter Maten
Download View ECMI SIG on “Liquid Crystals, Elastomers and Biological Applications” Apala Majumdar
Download View ECMI SIG on Numerical Weather Prediction: Mathematical Problems in Meteorological Modelling Petra Csomós
Download View ECMI SIG on Shape and Size in Medicine, Biotechnology and Materials Science Alessandra Micheletti
Elena Villa
Download View ECMI SIG on Slow Granular Flow Andrew Fowler
Joanna Jordan
Download View ECMI SIG on Math for the Digital Factory (MaDiFa) Dietmar Hömberg
Download View On the EU-MATHS-IN mini-symposia at the ECMI-2014 conference: Success Stories in Industry Peregrina Quintela
Antonino Sgalambro
Download View EURO PhD School on Multicriteria Decision Making with Mathematical Programming Juan Tejada
Begoña Vitoriano
Download View EU–MORNET: European Network for Model Reduction Wil Schilders
Research News & Case Examples
Download View Model Order Reduction for Industrial Applications Joost Rommes
Download View Black-box passive macromodeling in electronics: trends and open problems Stefano Grivet-Talocia
Download View Model Order Reduction with pyMOR or the Importance of Open Software Interfaces Staphan Rave
Download View Data-driven Model Order Reduction for Linear and Nonlinear Systems Athanasios C. Antoulas
Download View Modeling, simulation and optimization of disc brake squeal Volker Mehrmann
Download View Efficient thermal simulations of electronic systems using parameterized macromodels Francesco Ferranti
Download View Design of silicon based integrated optical devices using the finite element method Paolo Pintus
Download View Imaging with X-Ray Emitter Arrays Kishan Patel
Download View ASIVA14: Multi-Rate, MOR and Sensitivity in Circuit Simulation Giovanni De Luca
Rakesh Jha
Anuj Tyagi
Download View nanoCOPS: Nanoelectronic COupled Problem Solutions Peter Benner
Kai Bittner
Hans-Georg Brachtendorf
Herbert De Gersen
Frederik Deleu
Lihong Feng
Tomá˘s Götthans
Michael Günther
Rick Janssen
Tomá˘s Kratochvíl
Qingzhe Liu
Peter Meuris
Roland Pulch
Piotr Putek
Pascal Reynier
Sebastian Schöps
Judith Schneider
Wim Schoenmaker
Christian Strohm
Jan ter Maten
Caren Tischendorf
Aarnout Wieers
Download View nanoCOPS: Parametric Modeling and Model Order Reduction of Coupled Problems Peter Benner
Lihong Feng
Peter Meuris
Wim Schoenmaker
Download View nanoCOPS: Analytical Approach for Estimating the Heating of Bond-wires. Herbert De Gersen
David Duque
Sebastian Schöps
Aarnout Wieers
Download View Splitting Methods on Special Meshes Zuzana Bucková
Matthias Ehrhardt
Download View POD in Option Pricing: Basket Options and Heston Model José Pedro Campos Moreira da Silva
Michael Günther
Jan ter Maten
Download View Pricing Derivatives in Markets with Transaction Costs Daniel Ševˇcoviˇc
Manuel Guerra
Pedro Pólvora
Download View FDMs and Transformation Methods for nonlinear BS equations Rafael Company Rossi
Vera Egorova
Lucas Jódar Sánchez
Download View Fitted Operator Methods and Special Meshes in Computational Finance Walter Mudzimbabwe
Lubin Vulkov
Download View Option Pricing in Exponential Lévy Models with Transaction Costs Nicola Cantarutti
Maria do Rosário Grossinho
João Guerra
Manuel Guerra
Download View Portfolio Optimization for an Illiquidity Asset with a Random Liquidation Time Ljudmila A. Bordag
Ivan P. Yamshchikov
Download View Herding Behaviour in Financial Markets Ansgar Jüngel
Lara Trussardi
Download View GPU Acceleration of the Stochastic Grid Bundling Method Álvaro Leitao
Cornelis W. Oosterlee
Download View Newton-like Method for Nonlinear Option Pricing Choi-Hong Lai
Shih-Hau Tan
Download View An Operator Splitting Method for Solving a Class of Partial-Integro Fokker- Planck Equations Alfìo Borzì
Beatrice Gaviraghi
Download View ADI time-stepping for the uncertain correlation Black–Scholes PDE Karel in ’t Hout
Radoslav Valkov
Download View Pricing and Hedging by Backward Stochastic Differential Equations Kees Oosterlee
Marta Pou Bueno
Download View Photoacoustic Imaging in Biology and Medicine Leonidas Mindrinos
Download View Elements of a grain mixture recognition method based on luminescence analysis in real-time colour sorting systems Eduard K. Algazinov
Mikhail A. Dryuchenko
Dmitry A. Minakov
Vladimir A. Shulgin
Alexander A. Sirota
Download View News in Brief Hilary Ockendon
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