The primary hotel for the conference attendees is the Scandic hotel Patria, which is located in the center of Lappeenranta. The street address of the hotel is Kauppakatu 21, 53100 Lappeenranta.
The Secondary hotel is hotel Cumulus, which is alos located in the city center, next to the bus stops.
Google Maps link which shows hotels and other locations. 

There is a reservation quota for the Inverse days participants, which can be accessed with the quota code INVERSIOPÄIVÄT. By using this code when booking your room, you should get the following special prices:

Please note, that if the online room booking system does not allow quota keys, to receive this deal you will have to make your reservation by phone +358 5 677 511 (Patria) and +358 5 677 811 (Cumulus) or by email: and . Also note that the quota key and the prices are only valid till 30.11.2015, so make your reservation before that.

Alternative hotels: Finnhostel (4km from LUT), or Sokos Hotel Lappee (center)